Maceo rode Linus for the third time today. I really wish he didn’t have to wear that little mouse-eared helmet. I’m sure he’d love to feel the wind in his hair. The good thing about the helmet, aside from the fact that it would protect his head from a fall, is that when he gets his pelvis in the right position, lifts his head and accomplishes the colossal task of sitting up straight on that horse, those mouse ears signal me from across the ring. In that case, those mouse ears are mighty pleasing.

HIPPOTHERAPY: Maceo Rides A Horse!

Today Maceo rode a horse named Linus. It was his first session of a type of physical therapy called Hippotherapy.  Mace works hard all day every day trying to develop upper body strength, specifically head, neck and trunk control. He needs that strength in order to hopefully walk on his own one day. So, right now at two and a half years old, this is a great time for him to start this therapy, which works directly on those things. He will be riding once a week at the stable in Chatsworth, with a great therapist named Joann Benjamin, who is the awesome lady in the big hat, talking him through his ride.