It’s nearing the end of January and although it’s hard to believe we have already reached this point, we are getting ready to enroll the kid in school.  In California, the school districts provide preschool for kids with special needs when they turn three years old.  Maceo will be three in March and so we are beginning to get all the assessments done by the Los Angeles Unified School District to determine what classroom he should be in.  I’ve been hell bent on getting him a mounting system so that he can learn to access the iPad independently.  Right now he can say quite a lot, but only if I’m holding it for him.  Since I won’t be at school, and for many other reasons, we need to get him doing it on his own. 

While we are waiting on funding for the mounting system, CJT, the company that is making it for him, has kindly loaned us one so he can start getting comfortable using it.  Tom, the owner of the company has instructed us to leave it in place for 6 weeks so Maceo can practice practice practice.  I’ve been anxious to get the thing cause I want Maceo to be able to demonstrate what he knows when they are deciding which class is best for him.  It’s not easy for him to use it yet, but I’m hoping that over the next couple months it gets better.

What Maceo has been able to use right away is a new device that we got just before Christmas called simply a “Stander”.  It’s basically a support for him to stand in to which is attached a nice broad table that he can work on.  It’s his favorite place to hang out, because he can stand in it and play games by himself. It provides excellent opportunity to strengthen his torso and improve head and neck control.  Beyond that, it appears that Maceo, like the rest of us, wants to do things for and by himself.  This stander is a boon to us for that reason.  Here’s a bit of this morning’s workout:

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