Drive time. 🌞

Ack! Wake up man! We’re at Disneyland! 😴

A closer look into the driver’s seat. I am your neighbor!

This, my people, is called power mobility! #vroom

Gettin’ on up… or just enjoying the song about it. ❀️ C’mon brain!

Current obsession: the breakdown in Jackson 5’s ABC, where Michael goes, “Come on girl! I think I loooove you!” That’s how easy love can be. ☺️

Maceo is fully jamming on the beach today! This is a rare beach excursion for which I am very thankful. @therealstafford you are a peach! 😘 Happy 4th to freedom fighters everywhere. πŸ‘Š

A little help from my friend🚢🚢

Collaborating πŸ’™

Wednesday moves! #cme #napacenter